Elevation Solutions

CBO possesses an industry leading level of knowledge and understanding of the varying types of elevation solutions required for the differing needs of communications technologies. Our expertise encompasses telescopic and folding with either pneumatic, cable, hydraulic and/or electrically actuated operations. Our team are well versed in the impacts of sail areas, payloads, platform stability, mast deflection and safe platform integration. This pre-sales and sales knowledge is further supported by factory trained technicians to allow us to provide the technical services required for general maintenance, repairs or major overhauls for any of the products we distribute.

CBO is an authorised distributor for Willburt and its affiliates which allows us to offer our clients a wide range of masting solutions of up to 50m and with payloads of up to 454kg. Highlighting CBO’s commitment to the Australian marketplace and to compliment the range of telescopic masts available to us through the Willburt Company, we have invested heavily in the design and development of both a folding mast, either electronically or hydraulically actuated and a low cost, manually operated cable swing mast. To further augment the elevation solutions CBO can offer, we have a range of integration, headstock and cable management options available to ensure the delivered product meets all of the functional, operational and safety requirements demanded by the various technology applications, the environmental locations and the platform the mast solution is integrated on.

CBO understands the potential risks involved with elevating any type of payload and where practical and possible, we aim to provide elevation solutions that can be accessed and operated from ground level in a safe location to negate the needs for working at heights practices. We aim to ensure the integration methods, operational procedures and performance aspects of the elevation solutions are fully supported by detailed engineering analyses and a high quality of workmanship to ensure the risks involved with elevation solutions are minimised and managed in the most effective way possible.

In 2012 CBO became an authorised distributor for the Willburt range of elevation solutions encompassing pneumatic, screw drive and manually operated field masts. Since then we have developed a strong working relationship and have access to their team of engineers to augment our in-house engineering team. The Willburt range of solutions allows us to cater for a myriad of differing technology and loading applications covering all market requirements.

A Willburt owned company, Geroh have a range of telescopic masts with successful deployment histories across Europe supporting the needs of the emergency services, security and armed forces as well as in multiple deployments in harsh and remote environments found in Australia. The Geroh range can offer solutions covering simplicity in operation and integration through to providing high stability for precision elevated devices.

Another Willburt company, the ITS range of towers are suitable for large payloads and can deliver a high survival windspeed. Successful applications in Australia can be found in civil construction, natural resources and border protection applications. Highlighting CBO’s commitment to the ever changing needs of the technologies to be elevated, we have designed and developed a small range of masts to augment the telescopic solutions available to us.