Solar Skids

CBO has developed a range of modular, universal skid platforms which are specifically designed and engineered to provide the structural needs of elevation solutions and load carrying capacities required for a wide range of solar powered communications technologies. The RDS solar skid solutions are engineered platforms which are an open plan design allowing us to adapt the final configuration for a variety of solutions.

We have invested heavily, and continue to do so, in a research and development program for the continual improvement of key components, such as platforms, battery enclosures, solar arrays and elevation solutions. This has allowed us to offer our clients fit for purpose products better suited to the Australasian market and the extreme operational environments often experienced whilst being able to adapt to the everchanging needs of communication technologies.

Our R&D program has resulted in several, key components being developed to allow our solutions to provide a level of versatility in application and configuration. The universal and modular design nature of the RDS products allows the end user to re-purpose and/or relocate to other locations in a cost-effective manner therefore offering the end user the opportunity to maximise their initial capital investment in the CBO product.

We have designed our product range to be device agnostic, in that, the versatility in the relevant product is, in most instances, suitable for the majority of similar device types.

EG: Our universal battery cell enclosure range can easily be adapted by us or the end user to suit a variety of different size battery cells if/when the previously installed items are not available, or lead times are problematic. Not only is this is aimed at reducing our manufacturing lead times, but also provides advantages to our clients by reducing the amount of time the asset is out of service.
We have developed a unique variable angle solar array which provides benefits in relocation with a horizontal position for transportation needs and the ability to adjust the deployed angle to suit the specific location. Additionally, if the end user wishes to maximise the solar performance of the solution, the panel angle can be changed at regular intervals throughout the course of the year.

Our experience in, and the understanding of, the varying needs and idiosyncrasies of differing technologies and operational environments has positioned CBO in a unique position to provide our clients with a market leading range of Australian made, application specific rapid deployment solutions.”

Single Panel Solar Skid

Dual Panel Solar Skid

Four-Panel Solar Skid

Six/Eight-Panel Solar Skid